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Mission Statement

"The Armstrong-Indiana Behavioral and Developmental Health Program dedicates its efforts to the initiation, development and maintenance of a broad and comprehensive spectrum of quality community oriented behavioral and developmental health services and supports that are readily accessible, efficiently managed and provided without discrimination in a recovery and resiliency based environment."


Located within the rolling hills of West/Central Pennsylvania, the Armstrong-Indiana Behavioral and Developmental Health Program (formerly MH/MR) provides administrative oversight of the Mental Health, Intellectual Disabilities and Early Intervention systems for Armstrong and Indiana Counties.  Our program operates offices in Kittanning and Indiana.  For more than 40 years, we have been providing support to individuals and their families via specialized services offered through contracted providers.  In addition to our provider network, the dedicated and caring staff of AIBDHP has a vast amount of experience working within their respective departments.  They possess in-depth knowledge of the local resources that are available in our communities to assist individuals and families.  AIBDHP is committed to working collaboratively with those human service agencies, as well as all stakeholders, to improve and enhance our current systems.  We remain driven to developing and finding ways to sustain the most effective recovery-oriented programs.



In addition, AIBDHP maintains a 24 hour, 7 days a week coverage for emergency commitments of persons who are mentally ill and dangerous to themselves or others as a result of their mental illness.  The office also coordinates all civil court commitments.

Click to Download: AIBDHP Annual Report: Fiscal Year 2013-2014


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