Child Services

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  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Medication Management
  • Individual, Family, Group therapy

Outpatient Providers:

  • Community Guidance Center (724) 465-5576
  • Family Behavioral Resources (724) 465-0369
  • Family Counseling Center (724) 543-2941
  • Family Psychological Associates (724) 543-1888



  • Voluntary program to assist in gaining access to psychiatric, medical, social, educational, and other needed or desired services.
  • Targeted Case Management
    • Contact depends upon the need of the consumer.
    • 24 hour/ 7 day a week on call service.

Case Management Providers:

  • Community Guidance Center (724) 465-5576
  • Family Counseling Center TCM: (724) 545-6566 or (724) 545-6302
  • Family Psychological Associates (724) 543-1888



  • Children and adolescents ages 5-18.
  • Intensive, supportive treatment to children and adolescents who are at risk for inpatient hospitalization or residential treatment.
  • Services include: medication monitoring, individual and group therapy, and education.

Partial Hospitalization Program Providers:

  • Children Partial Hospitalization Program
    • Community Guidance Center ALPHA (724) 465-5576
    • Family Counseling Center CAP (724) 845-6667
  • Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program
    • Community Guidance Center ALPHA (724) 465-5576
    • Family Counseling Center CAP (724) 845-6667



  • Mental health services that are provided to children under the age of 21 who have a serious emotional or behavioral disorder.
  • Services are provided in the home, community, and school settings.
  • Child must be eligible for medical assistance.
  • Three components:
    • 1.  Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS): One-on-one intervention. Implements behavioral strategies identified in the treatment plan. Demonstrate effective interventions for the caregiver.
    • 2.  Mobile Therapist (MT): Provides individual/family therapy in the home or community. Alternative to traditional outpatient therapy.
    • 3.  Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC): Primary clinician responsible for facilitation, developing, and implementing the treatment plan.

BHRS Providers:

  • Family Behavioral Resources (724) 465-0369 Indiana, (724) 763-1002 Armstrong
  • Family Psychological Consultants (724) 297-8077
  • Community Psychiatric Centers (724) 850-7200
  • Ligonier Valley Learning Center (724) 238-0355
  • Children’s Behavioral Health (814) 938-7214



  • Designed to help children with emotional and behavioral problems and reduce need for out of home placement.
  • Consists of two mental health professionals who work with the entire family on an individual or group basis depending on the need.
  • Provides crisis stabilization and 24 hour/ 7 days a week on call service.
  • Time limited service of 32 weeks.
  • Medical assistance eligible (If there is funding available a non-medical assistance client could receive Family Based).

Family Based Providers:

  • Community Guidance Center (724) 465-5576 ext. 134, fax (724) 465-6379
  • Family Counseling Center Armstrong/Indiana-Don Mitch (724) 545-4568, fax     (724) 545-6321
  • Unity Family Services Michelle Gould (724) 845-2978, fax (724) 845-0923


  • An intensive in-home and community-based program that is best used to divert an out-of-home placement, strengthen family functioning for youth on the path to placement, or reintegrate youth back home from foster care, shelter, or residential placement.
  • Target age range 12-17 years old who are involved with Children and Youth or Juvenile Probation.
  • Treatment duration 3-5 months.
  • Therapist available 24 hours/7 days a week.
  • Interventions with peers, school, extended family, neighbors and church.
  • Evidenced based interventions and decision making.

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) Provider:



  • Structured, community based, therapeutic environment for children under 21 years of age who are confronted with serious emotional and behavioral health challenges.
  • Parents/Guardians are vital partners in the treatment process.
  • Individual and family therapy.
  • Child must be eligible for medical assistance.

CCR Provider:

  • Northwestern Human Services-Blue Spruce (724) 354-3223
  • Pressley Ridge-Central Intake (412) 442-4468



  • Intensive mental health treatment in a highly structured environment (24 hour/7 day a week) for children under the age of 21 who have severe emotional and behavioral difficulties.
  • Individual, group, and family therapy.
  • Medication monitoring.
  • Child must be eligible for medical assistance.

For more information and to access the following services please call the Provider directly.

  • Outpatient Services
  • Case Management
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Strength Based Treatment
  • Family Based Services
  • Multisystemic Treatment

For more information on how to access the following services please call Armstrong-Indiana BDHP at 724-548-3451 and ask to speak to the Children’s Mental Health Department.

  • Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services
  • Community Residential Rehabilitation
  • Residential Treatment Facility



  • Supports coordination services (Age 3–21) are received by all individuals enrolled in the Intellectual Disability (ID) service system. Supports coordinators assist individuals in developing their individual support plans, choosing providers and informal supports, and locating, coordinating and monitoring the administration of services. Supports coordination services may be provided either by a county or by an outside agency that contracts with the county to provide these services.  For more information go to:



Early Intervention Services are provided to children from the age of birth up until their 3rd birthday. The services are provided in the family’s natural environment and at no cost to the family. To qualify for Early Intervention, a child must show a 25% delay in one area of development:

  • Physical development including vision and hearing
  • Communication development
  • Social or Emotional development
  • Self-Help or Adaptive development
  • Cognitive development


If you have questions about your child’s development or are interested in having your child evaluated for services, please call:

  • CONNECT Helpline 1-800-692-7288
  • In Armstrong County: Family Counseling Center at (724) 545-1234
  • In Indiana County: Community Guidance Center at (724) 465-5576

If your child is between the ages of 3-5, call ARIN IU 28 at (724) 463-5300.

For more information go to:

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